Benefits of Faux

  1. Faux painting, with its eloquent styles and numerous techniques, transforms the entire ambience of a room. Faux is the art of make believe, and often mimics natural elements.
  2. Faux gives you an aesthetic edge that man made products can’t match (such as wallpaper).
  3. Faux can be applied to many different surfaces, such as stucco, fabric, wallboard, plaster, ceramic, wood, glass, pool decks, and metal.
  4. Faux finishes last longer than wallpaper. There are no edges to peel. The surfaces are easily cleaned. It is easy to match existing décor. It’s very cost effective, considering that you will eventually have to take down the wallpaper, seal in the glue, sand and fix any perfections, and then apply two coats of paint. Faux often can be top coated with two coats of paint if you want to change the look.
  5. Faux finishes are a good way to hide imperfections in a wall.

Eco Friendly

When you open a can of conventional paint, it is a blend of plasticizers, adhesives, hardeners, pigments, biocides, solvents, and more. The solvents are volatile organic compounds.  VOC help hold the ingredients in a blended state which make paint liquid, but they escape to the air when the paint is applied. These pollutants lead to unhealthy indoor air quality.  At Elite Faux Concepts we strive to use paints that are low in VOC or are certified green products. This way, we can ensure we provide a healthy air quality for our clients.

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