The Most Common Questions Answered

Why is faux a better alternative than wallpaper?

To start, you don’t have to worry about lifting seams. Faux also can be painted over if you want to change the look, with wallpaper requires you to remove it, fix any damage, seal the walls, and apply two coats of paint.

Can you match a wallpaper covering or pattern?

Yes! We can match most patterns.

If I have a small room, what kind of faux would you recommend?

A lighter faux with less movement and depth will give the room an open appearance.

Where can faux be applied?

Ceilings, wood, vents, switch plates, wallboards, plaster, concrete, pool decks, furniture, glass, and ceramics are all possible locations for faux applications.

Can you make my painted door or trim look like wood?


We have painted columns in our house. Can these be made to look like marble?


Do you ever faux the outside stucco of a residence or commercial building?


My walls have a flat finish. Why do you have to apply an eggshell finish to them?

This allows for more open time when working with the glazes, so they don’t dry too quickly while we are working with them.

Can my Mural be applied to canvas so I can take it with me when I move?


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