The Method To Our Magic

After you schedule your appointment with Elite Faux Concepts, we suggest you take a bit of time to think about the desired look you want. Do you want to use the color from surrounding art work or fabric? Maybe you want to use the granite in your kitchen to make your backsplash one of a kind? We can match any sample, and have even used source art found in magazines to mimic a desired pattern.

Step One

Once we arrive at the appointment, we would like to look at the desired areas that need a faux.

Step Two

We will bring you samples of previous jobs for you to review. When looking at the samples, it’s important to remember to pay attention to the technique versus the overall look, as colors can be changed.

Step Three

Upon signing the contract, we will review the colors for your project.

Step Four

Before the project starts, we will provide you with some samples. Upon your approval, you will sign the back of the sample.

Step Five

On most faux and mural projects, a base coat of paint must be applied to the surface. Therefore, larger projects will require a paint crew who will come in to do the base coats. All furniture will be moved and covered. In the past, we have encountered pieces of furniture that are impossible for us to move (for examples, a 1000lbs dining room table we once encountered). In this case, it would be up to the client to have large items moved.

Step Six

The artist will arrive after the base coats are dry, which is most often the day after.

Step Seven

Once finished with the project, everything is cleaned and the furniture is moved back in place.